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Navigating future challenges

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We handle functional pieces that lead directly to the "circular, turn and stop" of the vehicles, there is no compromise in our MONOZUKURI. As a manufacturer, quality comes first, and we have continued to make constant efforts to create products that satisfy customers. We share the spirit of "Creating products with good quality" and cooperating together in several areas. We will continue to persecute MONOZUKURI without any commitment. We create a product discussing with new ideas and improvements from time to time and accumulating discussions. This attitude is related to the development of human resources.

Quality politics:

"AISAN Autopartes México S.A. of C.V. is committed to improving the effectiveness of its Quality System, achieving the established objectives and guaranteeing the client's requirements and their satisfaction. "

Environment Policy:

1. Aisan Autopartes México will work to establish harmony with the regions and environments in which it is active, assessing the dialogue with local communities and respecting all laws and ordinances related to the environment, and contributing to a society that can coexist with the nature

2. Aisan shall establish objectives and goals for environmental conservation to improve environmental performance and shall maintain and manage them in accordance with the understanding that the need to minimize the environmental footprint of its commercial operations is one of its most important management challenges.

3. Aisan must actively work to conserve energy and resources and to reduce the use of hazardous substances for the environment in its products and manufacturing practices in order to prevent pollution and help create a society based on recycling.


4. Aisan should promote a greater awareness of environmental protection by ensuring that all employees have a thorough knowledge of these policies, which allows them to become aware of the environmental implications of their own actions and encourage them to take responsibility for improving the company. Environmental registration continuously.


Security policy:


1.- Comply with health and safety regulations and legislation, improve the level under the occupational health and safety management system (ISO 45000, NOM STPS)

2. Define roles and responsibilities, and promote safety and health activities.

3. Carry out training for all AAM employees and outsourcing.

4. Promote and consider conferences with employees to guarantee occupational safety and health under the slogan, "healthy mind and healthy body".

5. Strive to create an attractive and healthy work environment


1. Create products and services with a focus on customers,
2. Achieve "good quality" with innovative thinking and technology,
3. Create a vital workplace with respect for individual employees,

Contribute to society through global growth and the preservation of the environment.

View 2030:

Our Goal

Creating new values with proven technology and quality to enrich society.

Making the present society more convenient and bringing happiness to future generations.

Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Aisan Autopartes Mexico

Message from our president:

Carving the future for customers

Since its founding in 1938, Grupo Aisan has contributed to society to provide safe and ecological products as a manufacturer of important functional pieces of vehicles. Aisan Autopartes México S.A de C.V will continue to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and contribution to customers, perfecting quality and MONOZUKURI stabilized, and seeking creation of a new value, based on our vision 2020 "Carved the future for customers".



Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Fuel pump module

A product with a built-in fuel pump module that sends fuel from the tank to the engine. The demands have increased for a brushless type with a longer life and is highly effective in improving fuel efficiency.


Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Throttle Body

Provides comfortable handling by controlling the amount of air entering the engine.

Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Engine valve

Open and close the inlet and the exhaust port of the combustion chamber of the engine. To follow the high speed rotation of the engine in a high temperature environment, heat resistance and wear resistance are required.

Aisan Autopartes Mexico
Air bypass valve

A turbo is installed to the engine that provides greater acceleration and maneuverability to the vehicle, since the delay and damage comes when accelerating.

pct_product04 (1).jpg
EGR valve

It recirculates exhaust gases, such as NOx (nitrogen oxides), and helps improve fuel efficiency and purification of exhaust gases. There is also the DC motor, which is highly effective in improving fuel efficiency.