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Purchasing policy


1. Open purchase

we select suppliers that are excellent in Q (Quality), C (Cost), D (Delivery) and technical development, regardless of whether or not there are previous business relationships with us or with the companies in our group.

2. Mutual development based on mutual trust.

We quickly adopt proposals based on the experience of suppliers to improve from the product development phase to mass production to improve quality and cost education to work in the production of competitive products.


3. Promotion of the location.

We promote the expansion of local production to meet the needs of customers. In local production, we prioritize the local acquisition of equipment, materials and components.

4. Compliance with the law.


We comply with social norms, laws and regulations in our purchasing activities. In addition, we pay due attention to the handling of confidential information by us and our suppliers.





Green Provisioning

We have established our Green Purchasing Guidelines to promote green business activities with our suppliers. Based on the establishment of the 2020 Environmental Action Plan, we revise the recently added Guidelines "reduction of water consumption" and "construction of the society that coexists with nature".

Processes that we are currently looking for.

  • Precision machining and turning (shaft, pin, valve.)

  • Precision stamping (steel and brass).

  • Plastic Injection

  • Molding insert

  • EMS

  • Surface treatment

  • Molds and mold components

  • Indirect and MRO (Lubricant, coolant, cleaner.)


For all types of comments and information; Call us: +52 (444) 2 98 94 00 Ext: 1052, 1019 or contact the following email:


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